• Record your performance including compositions that you wish to present in Classical Stars Music Competition. Recording guidelines:
    • Set your camera for a good video and audio quality.
    • Make sure your camera is stabilized (you can use a tripod or other device).
    • If you use your smartphone, place it horizontally.
    • Make sure your camera is not too far from you (this will cause too much reverb)
    • Make sure your whole silhouette and hands (instrumentalists) are visible.
  • Upload your video to YouTube or similar website and send us a link via the application form.
  • You can also use your previously recorded performance.


  • Choose whether you are applying as a Soloist, Composer, Conductor or as a Chamber Ensemble
  • Specify the instrument you play / the type of your voice
  • Choose your Main Age Category (see application form)
    • Chamber ensemble, Composer and Conductor is treated as a separate, main category (not split into age groups)
  • Choose Expert Categories which fit to your programme (see application form)
  • Time limit is 15 minutes per category.

You can choose to enter Expert Categories (this is not obligatory). Each category is a separate competition, in which you compete against other participants. It is possible to enter many additional categories.

The Entry Fee for the Competition is €65 for the Main Age Category (including Chamber Ensemble, Composer and Conductor) and €40 for each Expert Category.

  • According to the selected categories, the form will calculate the price of the application for you.
  • After completing the application form, you will be redirected to the secure payment platform to make your entry fee payment.
  • Once the fee is paid it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


  • Each participant will be evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges, who will score the performance on a scale of 0-100 points. The scoring is divided into several categories:
    • Technical proficiency
    • Personality
    • Musicality
    • Interpretation and artistic vision
    • Professionalism of preparation
  • Each category (including expert categories) is a separate competition, a separate evaluation and a separate diploma. In addition, we keep a ranking of all participants. Those winners who collect the highest number of stars in a given year will receive the Artist of the Year award. Those participants who collect the highest number of stars in a single edition will receive the Artist of the Season award.
  • Scoring System:
    • 96-100 Points: Absolute Winner (Five Stars)
    • 91-95 Points: Gold Prize (Four Stars)
    • 86-90 Points: Silver Prize (Three Stars)
    • 81-85 Points: Bronze Prize (Two Stars)
    • 70-80 Points: Laureate Title (One Star)



  • In each category, Participant who receives 96-100 points will become Absolute Winner, 91-95 points will be awarded Gold Prize, 86-90 points will be awarded Silver Prize, 81-85 points will be awarded Bronze Prize and 70-80 points will get Laureate Title
  • Participants will receive an e-diploma for each category in which they participate.
  • Teachers can receive e-certificates.
  • The “Artist of the Year” award will be given to the winner who has collected the highest number of Stars in a given year.
  • The “Artist of the Season” award will be given to the contestant who collects the highest number of Stars in a single edition of the competition. 
  • Absolute Winners’ photos and video links will be featured in the Universal Maestro Society Winners’ Gallery
  • The jury panel may wish to award Special Prizes (Excellent Musicianship, Technique etc.)
  • The Universal Maestro Society offers to interview the best winning artists in Maestro Magazine.
  • Social Media promotion
  • Concerts on YouTube and other opportunities


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the regulations if necessary. All changes will be communicated promptly to registered participants.

By taking part in the competition, the participants agree to the possible publication and popularization of the recordings and photos submitted for promotional purposes. The organizers reserve the right to edit and crop the photos submitted for publication on the Internet.