Q: Can I compete in more than one category?
A: Yes, you can. We have a number of expert categories to choose from, so you can perform a variety of repertoire that you are proficient in.

Q: What is the participating deadline?
A: You should fill in the application form and pay the application fee until 15th August 2024.

Q: Are there any fees associated with participation?
A: Yes, there are application fees. The main age category has a fee of 65 euros, and each expert category is 40 euros. 

Q: What do I get upon participating?
A: Here you can find a list of Prizes and Awards. 

Q: What format should my submission be in?
A: All performances should be submitted in video format (as a link to a public video platform), ensuring clear audio and video quality, with the silhouette hands and face of the performer clearly visible. Also, make sure your recording doesn’t have too much reverberation. Composers can apply by submitting recordings played by other musicians. They may also submit audio recordings and recordings made by computer software. 

Q: Whose decision will be considered final regarding scores and rankings?
: The decision of the esteemed panel of judges will be final and binding for all participants.

Q: Where can I find the regulations of the Competition?
A: Q&A doesn’t seem to be sufficient? You can visit Rules page for the full regulations and explanation how to apply.